2016 Annual Report

Khan Academy gave me a reason to wake up hopeful for a new day. Had I never come across it, my life story would be like millions of other Afghan girls stuck in the cage of ignorance. Thank you for helping me free that cage.”

– Sultana

Eliminating barriers for learners around the globe is cause for celebration.

We’ve been busy providing a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere.

Take a look.

Our founder and CEO, Sal Khan, shares our accomplishments from the past year and provides a sneak peek of what’s to come.

The next century needs a step change for human potential in which all learners are able to achieve their potential. We believe that aggregate human capability could increase tenfold if the tools, incentives and mindsets are in place. That is what we are creating alongside students, teachers, parents, and partners.” - Sal Khan, founder and CEO of Khan Academy

A few words from the chair of Khan Academy’s board of directors, Ann Doerr


Thank you for spending time learning more about Khan Academy.

At Khan Academy, we believe expanding access to high-quality education is an imperative for millions of people in the United States and around the world. Our mission is to give opportunity to all by allowing everyone access to a free, world-class education regardless of race, religion, gender, class, or nationality.

I am so very proud of what Khan Academy has accomplished this past year. Our students studied subjects from calculus to grammar. Our real-time feedback allowed every student to understand what they had and hadn’t yet mastered. We continued to offer a place for students to try, fail, and try again. Our students remediated with videos and step-by-step hints to solve the problems they were trying to master. We continued to eliminate both the frustration and embarrassment students had experienced in the past when they simply didn’t understand something. We taught students that improvement requires hard work and, occasionally, failure. We’ve seen the impact our message is having on millions of people.

What I continue to see from year to year is the difference Khan Academy is making in our students’ lives. We have heard from people using Khan Academy who master subjects they never thought possible. Students in regions with limited access to schools learn on their own. Our US students are preparing for the SAT for free, which results in learning gains across socioeconomic levels. And we are hearing from adult students who are filling in holes in an incomplete education to re-skill for a new job.

We at Khan Academy will build on what we’ve achieved to reach and support even more learners. To accomplish this, Khan Academy is investing more resources in classroom-facing features to enable teachers to use Khan Academy more effectively while at the same time investing in pre-literacy through our early childhood offerings from Duck Duck Moose. Khan Academy is continuing to develop, in all core subjects, rigorous content that aligns to standards both in the US and around the world.

Together with its learners, donors, and partners, Khan Academy has accomplished a tremendous amount, but there is so much more to do to ensure everyone has access to a high-quality education. It’s my hope you will join us as a supporter.

Thank you,

Ann Doerr Signature

Ann Doerr

A lot of learning happened in 2016

8million learners use Khan Academy each month

Nearly 50 million registered users

When my teachers introduced me to Khan Academy, I was so happy that it was free. The website was simple, straight to the point, and it really helped me with problem solving.” - Matthew

5.6 billion minutes spent learning

1.9 billion practice problems completed

450thousandvideos watched

I am from Mongolia, and I live in the countryside. I want to express my gratitude because Khan Academy provides me with free yet valuable and qualified knowledge that I could not find another way.” –Tenuunzaya

We have learners in more than 190 countries

Official SAT Practice was my solution. It was free and it was ready to go. It helped me with my reading and math skills and opened me up to more college options.” - Diana

More than 1.7 million students used Official SAT Practice

We’re always crunching the numbers.

Here’s what our math reveals.


17%General and administrative, including fundraising 83%Program
My days are filled with teaching and coaching rather than paperwork and frustration. The immediate feedback my students receive is so valuable.” - Mrs. M

practice problems

How many practice problems are there?

More than10,000

Khan Academy has changed my life by helping me to pass the SAT. I just want to say thank you to the person who created this website. I thank you soooo very much!” – Jadia

standards aligned

standards-aligned content across subjects and grades

Our team is nearly 150 strong

Sources of Revenue

37%Corporate gifts13%Community donors47%Foundation and individual gifts3%Other

20 million lifetime downloads of apps for preschool learning



Translated into more than 17 languages

Looking ahead, here’s what’s next.

LearnStorm flag on mountaintop

LearnStorm goes national

What started as a local learning challenge goes nationwide. Khan Academy LearnStorm builds growth mindsets and personalizes learning in a fun six-week campaign. It’s free for everyone, and students and teachers can earn prizes!

It’s like a game — you practice, but you don’t realize you’re competing with yourself. My math skills were below par, and using Khan Academy, I built them up and improved my scores dramatically.”  - D’Andre
Khan Academy and College Board AP Logos

Khan Academy is the official practice partner for AP

We’ve partnered with the AP Program to offer free instructional videos, articles, and practice exercises designed to build the knowledge and skills needed for AP-level courses:

Teachers are at the center of learning

We’re adding new tools that make it even easier for teachers to use Khan Academy. Assign standards-aligned content across subjects and grades, pinpoint gaps in knowledge, and track student progress with simple, powerful reports.

Chalkboard illustration
Scantron illustration

Free LSAT prep

Building on our success with free SAT practice, we’ll soon offer free practice for the Law School Admission Test for aspiring law school students.

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Ann Doerr (Chair)
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Sal Khan
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Global Advisory Board
Scott Cook
John Doerr
Bill Gates
Laurene Powell Jobs
Jorge Paulo Lemann
Craig McCaw
Susan McCaw
Signe Ostby
John Overdeck
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Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor
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$1,000,000 and above
J. A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation
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Fundación Carlos Slim
Valhalla Charitable Foundation
$500,000 to $999,999
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
The Craig and Susan McCaw Foundation
Overdeck Family Foundation
$250,000 to $499,999
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Leon Lowenstein Foundation
The New York Community Trust - Lise Strickler and Mark Gallogly Charitable Fund
The O’Sullivan Foundation
Siegel Family Endowment
$100,000 to $249,000
Argosy Foundation
Diane Greene and Mendel Rosenblum
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Milner Global Foundation
The Smith Family Foundation
Susan Crown Exchange
Corporate sponsors and partners
49ers Foundation
Amgen Foundation
Bank of America
College Board
Hyatt Hotels Corporation
Law School Admission Council
The Walt Disney Company
Workday Foundation

And hundreds of thousands of Learners Fund* and community donors

*Learners Fund members are Khan Academy supporters who gift $1,000-$100,000 in a year.

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Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Translation, localization and community volunteers
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