A lot of learning happened in 2016

8million learners use Khan Academy each month

Nearly 50 million registered users

When my teachers introduced me to Khan Academy, I was so happy that it was free. The website was simple, straight to the point, and it really helped me with problem solving.” - Matthew

5.6 billion minutes spent learning

1.9 billion practice problems completed

450thousandvideos watched

I am from Mongolia, and I live in the countryside. I want to express my gratitude because Khan Academy provides me with free yet valuable and qualified knowledge that I could not find another way.” –Tenuunzaya

We have learners in more than 190 countries

Official SAT Practice was my solution. It was free and it was ready to go. It helped me with my reading and math skills and opened me up to more college options.” - Diana

More than 1.7 million students used Official SAT Practice